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    The Chiefs have hit a bump in the road but most of us would have been willing to take 5-2 at the beginning of the season given how hard the schedule was Tony Gonzalez Jersey. Bob Sutton sucks but I believe we will do enough to make the playoffs. The question becomes what we can do from that point on. Here is a prediction.Division WinnersAFC East – New EnglandAFC Central – PittsburghAFC South – HoustonAFC West – KCWild Card1) Oakland2) BuffaloCould make it as a wild card – Denver, Tennessee, JacksonvilleI just don’t see the following teams having enough – Chargers, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Miami, JetsVery outside chance – Indianapolis 1 pick – Cleveland 1) Can we do enough to be one of the top two seeds? It will probably be a close battle between NE Jah Reid Jersey, Pittsburgh, and KC. It would be a HUGE step if we were one of the top two but survivable if we drop to three.2) If we are the 3 seed, which team is the worst match up for us? I say the Raiders cause they have the best passer of the bunch and Denver as they have the best defense. Both know us quite well. The other teams are heavy run teams but with some major flaws. I like our chances of beating any of these teams. 3) So – if we are a 3 seed who advances or a 2 team that hosts the 3 , here is the breakdown. Do we want Brady and the Pats who always seem to find a way to advance or Pittsburgh who has dominated us in the past four games. I do not think home field matters much at this point but I prefer the game to be in KC. I envision that the Pats will visit KC . Their D will be coached up and Brady is Brady – maybe he will start to show his age. We could win in shootout fashion as we are close in talent. The edge could be how well we are able to run the ball. We move on the the championship game. This would be a close game.4) Here comes Pittsburgh – What other team will keep us motivated after being eliminated by them last year in a slug fest and embarrassed by them repeatedly. I think we play the game of our lives and blow them out of the water.5) Danger – If we play Pittsburgh first and then move on to New England, will we become a victim of our own success – getting the Pittsburgh monkey off of our back saps all of our energy and motivation and we play a lackluster game against the Pats. This could be the nightmare scenario.Bottom Line – Anything could happen but I think we remain one of the three favorites to reach the Super Bowl – The Raiders would be a distant fourth. A number one seed could make Pittsburgh and New England play each other but I almost would prefer to be a number two seed and beat them both https://www.chiefsfullapparel.com/Chiefs_Tony_Gonzalez_Jersey. Bob Sutton still sucks but this could be our year.

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