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    The idea is to have Juliet as a fictional person who lives out the incidents and experiences that real people write in about. Each situation is edited and written into part of Juliet’s story in a way that cant be identified back to the original person.

    For anyone who has been abused, what they have gone through can be a lonely experience that can make life and relationships very difficult. We believe that it can be really helpful for abuse survivors to read the story of Juliet and see what Juliet did, how she struggled, how some ideas worked and others didnt. Family or friends can also learn more of what it is like to live as an abuse survivor and all of us can develop more understanding.

    We wont get it right all the time, but we hope that people reading Juliet’s story will write in and correct us when we show we dont get it, and also give us ideas of what didnt work and what did work for them.The Juliet Project

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