Our service is directed to help you achieve the best quality of life possible. Almost 20 years ago we started out specialising in helping people suffering from chronic pain. Now we work with a range of emotional issues and help those who are dealing with the effects of sexual abuse through Abuse Counselling Services.

We have professionals working with us across the country who have a range of skills and expertise for working with emotional trauma. As a result we not only work with sexual abuse survivors to provide abuse counselling services but also military personnel, police and others involved in vicarious and direct stresses, including refugee and torture survivors.

We are committed to helping sexual abuse survivors throughout New Zealand in their journey towards wholeness by providing the best sexual abuse counselling possible.  Our mission is to be the best and most supportive organisation in New Zealand helping sexual abuse survivors of all ages, cultures and both genders to become the best they can be!

We have a nationwide network of over 200 skilled clinicians from a range of different professions including counselling, psychotherapy, social work, psychology and psychiatry.

In many instances those belonging to our network have been selected and invited to join us because they have been identified as having above average skills and experience in working with trauma survivors and providing abuse counselling services. Our aim is to ensure that every client approaching us for help is assured of getting the very best treatment with the best clinicians we can find. Each year we run workshops and make a wide range of resources available to our clinicians to help them stay up to date and skilled in the most recent advances in this specialised field.

We are here to help.

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