Claudette McDonald


Claudette McDonald is a registered psychotherapist. She has a special interest in early attachment and how this relates to adult relationships. She has been working with ACC for over a decade now as a trauma focused clinician. This essentially means she helps people who have been traumatised through sexualised violence to process and recover from the injuries this creates within them and in their relationships with others. She is passionate about working with trauma survivors as she thinks they show a remarkable resilience in the face of overwhelming experience. While there are some commonalities between survivors, it is the unique way that each person manages their experience that intrigues her and demonstrates their strengths and ability to adapt. However, it is in these very adaptations that people can become stuck and this is where psychotherapy comes in. Psychotherapy provides a safe, contained, respectful and trusted environment for the survivor to unpack their unique story and begin the healing process.

Claudette utilises her theoretical knowledge (Masters in Health Practice in Advanced Psychotherapy Practice) alongside her personal experiences of life (now almost 50 years) to maximise the healing journey of each person. She is located in Napier, Hawke’s Bay.