Hazel Cheals


Hazel is a registered Psychologist who trained and worked in Outback Australia before returning home. Involved in the Education sector she has worked extensively with youth from both a forensic and mental health perspective, including working with their parents or caregivers to develop empathy and support for the young people and family. She has worked alongside a number of community organisations and is comfortable working with a range of cultures and ethnicities. Hazel has skills in working with depression, anxiety, pain management, trauma and abuse and uses an eclectic range of therapies including CBT. The therapeutic approach may vary depending on several factors, these may include, age, personality of client or familiar others, family situation and presenting issues. Hazel is able to provide assessment for clients who have experienced sexual abuse or physical abuse and provide help to treat the resulting difficulties that arise, cognitive, behavioural, emotional and social. Hazel is a member of the New Zealand Psychological society.