Larry Honig


Larry has a Doctorate in Psychology as well as a Masters Degree in Clinical Neuropsychology.  He has been working in various settings in mental health, including hospitals and clinics for almost 30 years.

Larry approaches treatment for trauma from two perspectives, the past and the present.  He uses effective means to clear up emotional triggers to past difficult life events such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and ETT (Emotional Transformation Therapy).  These methods go beyond simply talking and reduce the need to relive one’s story and use eye movements, right-left stimulation and colour and light to change one’s state of mind on deep levels.  In the present it is necessary to develop simple skills to deal with anxiety and fear and difficult emotions. Emotions, reactions and thoughts can move from those that block progress in life to those that are supportive in moving forward.   His work is informed by mindfulness and other self-regulation techniques, such as imagery and relaxation breathing.  What is most important is what you can do for yourself to take care of your stress and distress and make this self-care a part of everyday life.