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We are a network of professionals around New Zealand committed to helping with emotional trauma. With a focus on sexual abuse survivors, we also help military personnel, police and others involved in vicarious and direct stresses. We provide Abuse Counselling Services around New Zealand through our network of professionals.

15 years ago we started out specialising in helping people suffering from chronic pain. Since then we have diversified not only in terms of the types of pain we treat, but have also developed a range of skills and expertise for working with emotional trauma and Sexual Abuse Counselling.

As a result we not only work with sexual abuse survivors but also military personnel, police and others involved in vicarious and direct stresses, including refugee and torture survivors.

Have you been sexually abused?

If you have been sexually abused and want to take the next step to talk with someone who will listen and help you rediscover hope, we can help.

For many people who have suffered some form of sexual abuse there are long lasting effects in the survivor’s life. Our clients tell us stories of how they have struggled to cope with fear in their everyday life. They mention that they can feel anxious in all kinds of social situations and have difficulty in their intimate relationships.

Sometimes people tell us that they can’t feel close to anyone, can’t trust others and feel uncertainty about the world around them. We are discreet and believe in creating a trustworthy relationship with our clients to provide effective abuse counselling services.

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We are now a nationwide network of over 90 skilled clinicians from a range of different professions including counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists.

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