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Introducing the “Juliet Project”

Imagine if you could help lots of others recover from their abuse experiences while also helping your own journey towards healing! All in a totally safe way. The Juliet project is set to become an exciting new internet phenomenon that uses the web to help create an awareness of what abuse survivors go through and how they can find healing. But, it needs your help!

Let me explain the idea. Each week, the Juliet blog will tell a chapter in the story of the life of a young woman called Juliet who is an abuse survivor. It will tell the story of her struggles and successes as she comes to terms with her rape and abuse. She has to come to terms with the deep sense of failure, of self blame and of being dirty that so many survivors have, and is frustrated and fearful that she is not coping with life. Her story is written like short chapters in a novel.

Ok, so this doesn’t sound so special so far. The reason the project needs your help, is because it needs your ideas and suggestions to make it work. If you can come to the Juliet section of the website and make comments and suggestions about what Juliet can face, the situations she has to deal with, and the type of thoughts and inner struggles she has, then you can see her story evolve week by week, guided by the suggestions of people like you. This makes it more real than simply being a story.

Juliet in reality is a combination of many survivors’ stories. She faces real issues, and some of the setbacks and successes she lives through reflect real life events. Juliet herself may be an imaginary person

What can you do? Please share this post, so lots of people can have a chance to see it, and maybe it can touch a life of a person who would otherwise have to struggle on alone. People relate to stories and this can potentially really help others who come to read the story of Juliet every week. It is also possibly really helpful for survivors to be able to post questions and comments that they can see reflected in the story in coming weeks. Will you also be willing to post ideas and suggestions about Juliet’s background, what has happened to her, her struggles and fears, what she is like as a person and how she responds to different situations. By being willing to make these suggestions you can get ideas that could help you, but also lots of other people who are struggling with similar issues.

Let’s claim the power of the web for healing, use Facebook to create opportunities for people to experience healing. But for this to work, it needs lots of ideas, it needs sharing and it needs what you can offer. Please come to to share your thoughts, but also share this post in every way possible so others can also join the “Juliet project”. We want this to go viral so thousands of people can share and be helped.

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